A pseudonym for raw techno & electronics inspired by repurposing discarded materials, modular synthesis, and the DIY ethos of punk & the music scene in Geneva, ‘LLM‘ explores the implications of data, AI, and the growing sophistication of machine learning RIYL Drexciya, Unit Moebius, Legowelt, Terrence Dixon.

Having spent years in clubs and raves in Geneva, e-garbage is defined as a solo project oriented towards live performance and studio production. Representing a journey through sound, e-garbage aims to evoke emotions by utilizing a raw, self-taught form of technique. Compelled by modular synthesis, the project incorporates many inspirations, driven by the accumulation of a distinctive live setup, predicated on various musical instruments built from recycled materials, repurposed to capture the internal processes and pulsations of machines, and shaped into boundless tonalities of sound.

The close link he maintains between the creation of musical instruments and sound production allows him to craft the project’s sound. Captivating yet disorienting in their strangeness, his productions are outlying oddities with familiar frameworks that are reframed yet discernible. Mesmerizing interpretations of aqueous techno, enriched with diverse influences such as noise and black metal.


e-garbage’s influences have a definite correlation with his fluid career path. Whether as a graduate in architecture, programmer, and sound engineer at the legendary Motel Campo, or as a musician releasing productions and zines through Pulse, the label he runs and co-founded. Though seemingly disparate, e-garbage’s projects collectively form an interdisciplinary web of ideas that seek to examine the nature of creative thought.

With ‘LLM’, e-garbage pokes and prods musical norms and artistic conventions, probing for the broken seams through which new and untested ideas might spill forth. At the crux of his creative endeavors, one can find an awareness of environmental sounds, from field recordings and from our daily lives, creating textures and flowing melodies whilst fusing the sound of humans and machines. Repurposed in e-garbage’s custom sound lab, these sounds symbolize the project’s philosophy.

Out digitally on 24th October 2023 via Dee Dee’s Picks

Mastering by .wavaudiolab
Artwork by e-garbage.
Graphic design by Debbie

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