Thy Veils has never shied away from creating infinite universes to live within their tracks. While premiering ‘Lina Luna,’ a completed version of a previous song, ‘Luna,’ Thy Veils also introduces Maria Hojda as a vocalist collaborator. However, the two pieces have some distinctive elements, as “the album version of ‘Luna’ features a few differences compared with any previous renditions.”

Frontman Daniel Dorobanțu reckons that “Mircea’s bass line will change the whole song since its introductory notes and the rhythmic section that he creates with Radu’s drumming is one of my favorite moments of the new album.”

Taken from the upcoming album “Next Forever,” ‘Lina Luna’ follows up the futuristic odyssey that opened with “Neoradiant,” diverting from its original path by bringing new energy and a cosmic soul. “Thy Veils’ previous album, “Neoradiant,” was the first to include English lyrics and the first to have actual words with meaning (along with the titles, of course). Now, on “Next Forever,” the process of creating the lyrics has expanded: there are four of us contributing with English lyrics. Manuela and Maria also sing using their original languages, while Manuela is also performing in Romanian, and Mircea performs backing vocals,” says Daniel.

Nature, light, and cosmos have always been themes that go hand in hand when it comes to Thy Veils. Nothing has changed with ‘Lina Luna,’ as according to Maria Hojda, their primary source of inspiration is nature. “Although it is not manifested in words, its language is intelligible if we listen to it in depth. Its sounds’ smooth flow and dynamism transpose you into a contemplative space of discovery and communion, where language has no textual limits but travels through time.”

Thy Veils approaches music with a different ear than most, but with ‘Lina Luna’ respectively “Next Forever,” the musical focus took an unexpected turn toward groove and harmony. Once with the arrival of vocalist Maria Hojda and bassist Mircea Ardeleanu Jr, new ideas and sound sources came into the group. For Daniel Dorobanțu, “it was a delight to go on this quest of finding the sound space that would be more than the fusion of “Neoradiant”‘s dynamics and detailed textures, the timbral density of the ambient albums and the organic life of the expanded live band.”

A new bright world is revealed once you’re diving into the song. Without sacrificing the atmosphere and ambient that underpinned the band’s style, ‘Lina Luna’ appears to be one of the purest manifestations you have ever heard. Mixing and mastering engineer Attila Likinich adds, “as music has its unique way of helping you explore the universe and your inner self through emotions and colors, I think Thy Veils’ journey is Daniel’s invitation to you, the listener, to explore those parts of yourself and the universe that no other artist invited you to do so. Some amazing musicians put their creative effort and hard work into this so, musically speaking, as with any other Thy Veils journey, you can expect a very rich world unfold before you, painted with notes, melodies, and soundscapes.”

‘Lina Luna’ has been a challenge for all the band’s members. Undoubtedly, every Thy Veils audio-visual journey sublimely stands on its own while inviting listeners to an inner and outer exploration from unique perspectives. Attila reckons that “having different artists on different songs that bring their creative talent to this journey, however, brings its challenges because, in the end, all this creative input needs to fit the Thy Veils vision that Daniel so masterfully brings to life. For example, we needed to find different processing chains for Maria’s celestial voice that differ very much from other Thy Veils songs and, simultaneously, underline a kind of sonic essence of this whole endeavor.”

Not to mention that Maria has recorded six independent vocal lines. The artist has then superimposed them and added discrete vocal effects as she felt they “were needed to define the picture.” Moreover, “these six vocal lines were simply intuitively expressed. It seemed to me that I was in a moment of creation, in which I did not have to do anything.”

Daniel recalls that while the band may have faced unknown situations during productions, they have always come up with great solutions. By assimilating the influence of the people in Thy Veils, Daniel enjoys to hear something new from each and every member. Usually, a band is an individual organism independent of the composer; thus, they need to perfectly work together.

He says that “for ‘Lina Luna,’ as well as for the entire new album, most of the production research went towards building a harmonious and coherent sonic universe, where a lively density of sounds, rhythms, and musical ideas interact and weave a multidimensional tapestry of storytelling.”

Thy Veils‘ music is the endless stream of energy we are part of, and we’re constantly borrowing creativity from this stream. And for that, Thy Veils always finds a way to share a subtle tacticity to their ambient/electronic wizardries, allowing new shapes to be observed and universes to be opened with their mind-bending and dreamy soundscapes.


Daniel Dorobantu – electronics, production, video
Maria Hojda – vocal
Attila Lukinich – mixing, mastering

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