Oh, hello after 14 years and what a comeback! Green Carnation is definitely that kind of band that remains stuck in your head after the first listening. This album is a fantastic return record that was able to meet my high expectations. Maybe a bit different regarding the vocals with a more progressive note yet this album has the potential to become one of the best releases of the year. The opening song has the same name and has variations from soft to heavy; it climaxes with a wonderful and heavy instrumental section.

Combining elements of their past works as ‘Light of day‘, ‘Day of darkness’ and a bit from their melodic album ‘Acustic Verses’, especially on the song ‘My Dark Reflection of Life and Death’, a trip down to the memory lane which originally appeared on their debut album and which is definitely my favorite. Either way, this song is a little masterpiece of hard music from the past twenty years.

Cover Art by Niklas Sundin 

Hounds‘ is another song that blew me away when I first heard it. You would not expect a lot from the first two minutes, as it kept very soft. At around the 2:10 mark, the riffs began, and it is fantastic. The bass was actually much more present in this song, and it was a welcome touch. No doubt that Nordhus is a fantastic singer who simply brings the piece to life.

The fifth and last song ‘Solitude‘ is more to breathe, dominated by ambient complaints, a piano touch and soft vocals.

Long story short: this album is incredible. It blends the heavy instruments with the brilliant pacing of the progressive style. An album with a strong performance and a great sound quality which reminds you that no other bands sounds quite like them, “Leaves of Yesteryear” feels like a further evolution for Green Carnation but in the same time ponders equally about the past, present and future.

Another fantastic album that can be added to their great discography, and we can only hope we won’t wait another decade for the next one!

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