Daniel Dorobanțu has been pushing out terrific music for over 20 years. Just today, we are pleased to announce the premiere of his latest release ‘Mare Adânc’ (eng. Great Deep).

‘Mare Adânc’, the very first collaboration between Romanian composer and producer Daniel Dorobanțu and Berlin-based artists Dan Sîrbu, is comprised of over six minutes of high-fidelity sound.

Daniel Dorobanțu remains one of the most authentic ambient artists, in that his music seems earned rather than adopted. Immersed in visuals and incredible soundscapes, it is no wonder that much of Dorobanțu’s music has served as a sort of bespoke object.

In this song, he utilizes amazing field recordings to create an uncanny division between tangible and intangible. You will soon find yourself taken on an immersive journey in which getting lost becomes a means of attaining consciousness.

On ‘Mare Adânc’, Daniel Dorobanțu declares that it “is the tale of our exploration of the eternal seen as an endless spring of wonder from the unknown, filtered through our love for Romanian mythology and traditions. With his skill as a musician and his heartfelt involvement in this adventure, Dan Sirbu was a true fellow explorer all along the way.”

‘Mare Adânc’ works entirely within a surreal realm, where the texture of the undefinable ambient grants the piece stability, or where the traditional-like flute tones confirm their strength by dissipating into textural warmth. An ambient gloss is applied to the track, a liminal underpinning of light, and as Sîrbu starts singing, one can feel a sense of striving to be lost in something larger than one’s self. His elasticated vocals appear like specters out of time, creating a beam so powerful it dispenses the darkness and all bad memories.

It’s only obvious that the artists take pleasure in soothing textures, as there is a refined elegance that rewards repeat listens, feeling comfortably familiar while continuously revealing fresh perspectives.

The flute passages rustle as they slowly develop and flirt with vivacity; it is impossible to walk away from this song and not feel uplifted. Going deeper into the concept, ‘Mare Adânc’ is an elixir of life, where the hurt and the tired take refuge.

Daniel Dorobanțu – electronics, keys, composer, producer, visuals
Dan Sîrbu – flute, vocals, composer
Attila Lukinich – mixing, mastering

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