missing scenes, the newest project of R. Hunter premieres “cold moon/worm moon,” the first chapter from the first in a trilogy of albums to be released in 2022, and will be followed by “pink moon/buck moon”, and concluded with “sturgeon moon/beaver moon”.

You can listen to “cold moon/worm moon,” below:


“cold moon/worm moon,” combines ambient music with unearthly drone soundscapes that explore the interplay between the natural and synthetic, the light and haze, and the designed and unexpected. A somehow treacherous journey through a fictional landscape where sound becomes the form of the dream.

Commenting on the specifics of the creation process of the upcoming album, “cold moon/worm moon,” Hunter explains: “I often start with what I consider a strong cornerstone. This could be an interesting melody, a unique sound, or maybe a new tuning on my guitar or one of my synths. I build on top of this cornerstone.”

The creative process on this album is a sum of blankets of synthetic, dreamy places that balance the contemplative trance buried in strings and analog frequencies. R. Hunter manages to create a series of sonic images that, put together, create a strange yet attractive collage with an atmosphere that goes through scenarios in either science fiction or abstract urban poetry.

Commenting on the history behind the project, R. Hunter says: “As 2021 was coming to a close, I was on a walk late one night. It was nearly a full moon. An idea came to me as I looked up. Each month on the full moon in 2022 I will record one new piece of music. I will go out and create field recordings or work on piecing together the elements of a track. The idea grew from there…”. 

I tend to think in terms of a book or a movie in miniature while developing a piece, while completed pieces can be a sort of livable space” – says Hunter adding: “I walk through the front door, take my shoes off, admire the view out of the living room windows, notice any art on the walls, books on the shelves, etc. Mindfully taking it all in.”

“cold moon/worm moon” was mastered by James Plotkin whose immaculate work brought out every detail while retaining the dynamics the artist intended. missing scenes will produce one piece between each full moon during 2022.

You can pre-order “cold moon/worm moon” HERE.