The design offices Modem and Panter&Tourron work at the intersection of products, technology, and art direction. This latest collaboration, TERRA, is a contemporary exploration of all three concepts, set against the scenic backdrop of nature.

Inspiring by the simple concept of wanting to explore the outdoors without being concerned about getting lost, TERRA is a pocket-sized, AI-enabled compass. Rather than following a predetermined route, the compass directs users on an unexpected journey while ensuring they will return to their starting point.

The compass interface allows users to input their starting GPS coordinates and available time. As a result, Terra will be able to “translate their intentions” into a walk or hike using a compass needle and gentle haptic feedback.

The TERRA experience is screen-free for the sole purpose of providing a much-needed break from the use of computers and mobile devices. In addition, it is designed to be open source, which means anyone can access the software and CAD models and even build the compass themselves with the necessary tools and parts.

The screen appears beneath Terra’s outer shell, softening the screen’s visual appearance, and the interface itself is minimal and unobtrusive, showing the arrow only when requested, and sending gentle vibrations if the user is heading in the wrong direction.

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