Handmade in Bucharest, Miruna Belicovici‘s designs are recognizable from one Romanian corner to another. Pristine work and bold use of stone make us lust after her jewelry and once you start you can’t stop!

While many designers focus on minimalist or delicate designs, Miruna’s jewelry embraces boldness and structure. Her pieces are not afraid to make a statement and command attention, setting her apart from others in the industry, with her work representing a reflection of her commitment to creating a strong, empowered female presence in the market.

The artist’s spirit is fully alive in Miruna’s ingenuity and work. There is a profound knowledge evident in her works, as well as a powerful dedication to nurturing both relationships and creativity. It is even better that the artist’s pieces of art complement the current trend towards statement dressing as well as the abstract shapes found in contemporary furniture and decor.

The Romanian designer is deeply rooted in her heritage and believes that this allows her to think outside the box and create jewelry uniquely international in style. Appreciating the freedom of creating without boundaries, Miruna’s art represents a great understanding of shape, form, and the juxtaposition of different materials. Her pieces are at once bold and structured, feminine and powerful, modern and timeless, yet at the same time uniquely relevant for decades to come.

On her latest collection Inamorata, Miruna declares that it “is about exposing femininity, with all its beauty, wonder and mostly scars, all graciously worn in plain sight. Unabridged, unpolished, thrown outwards with grace, fully expressed, and not hidden at all. Inamorata is about all the facets of femininity, about the grace and the roughness of becoming and being a woman. About the liberty to wear your true beauty in public, even if it is far from the “perfect shape” society imposes on women.

About both the joy and pain of giving birth to a son, just to be raised in a society that oppresses women, only to become such an oppressor, with age. About the relentless courage to fight each of those daily battles that a woman fights every day, just to rise above all the misconceptions and constraints that are imposed upon her. About her infinite tenderness, forgiveness, and love, but mostly about her power. Inamorata embodies the power of femininity and her journey of transformation through a woman’s life.

All copyrights belong to Miruna Belicovici.

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