Josh Lin Documents Suicide in This Powerful Photo Series

Josh Lin, a philosophy student in Taiwan, has been shooting film photography since 2010. I started shooting film since 15, using a lomo LCA+ and shot everyday life. When I started shooting creatively, the images constructed in my mind just came from nowhere, it’s vague but that’s how I found […]

Experiments in Portraiture by Ziqian Liu

Ziqian Liu is a freelance photographer from China and she studied in London and Sydney and graduated with a major in communication management. The photographer stages herself in a minimal universe, surrounded by flowers and fruits. Photography to me is not only a tool that bring the beautiful sight to others, […]

Sara Pongrac: Den Haag și Cursul Firesc al Lucrurilor

[:ro] Sara Pongrac este un tânăr artist fotograf din Cluj, pictează de la vârsta de șase ani, scrie un fel de poezie depresivă și mai nou, a început să facă experimente pe film. Să spunem că e un “jack of all trades”. Noi, cei de la Cultartes, am fost de […]

Razvan Buruiana’s Work is a Surprising Mix of Fact and Fantasy

[:en] Razvan Buruiana is a fashion designer, photographer and graphic artist based in Bucharest. Although I could talk for hours about his amazing collections, today I’ll stick to his mostly black and white photography. It seems to me that Razvan’s work is all about the details. It’s simply amazing how […]