In the New York-based photographer Zeno Gill‘s portfolio, striking and colorful images of bodies and faces integrate his visual language with cinematic scenes.

With series published in ArtAbout, Fuzz Magazine, Momo Magazine, Musashi, or CVLTARTES, Zeno’s creative inspiration is found in his everyday life experiences. His portfolio depicts sensual and soft details of ordinary sights, including swimming pools or delicate close-ups of his models. In doing this, Zeno beautifully portrays his models with what may seem a tactile quality.

Living in Westchester with his wife, daughter, and dog, Zeno’s love of street, travel, experimental, and portraiture photography has evolved naturally while exploring the city and traveling from Joshua Tree National Park to Glasgow to Miami to the Adirondacks.

His recent series ‘Pool Time’ captures simple freedom while exploring narratives of dreaming. It seems like the photographer majestically features the soothing power of silence in a noisy world.

Photographer: (c) Zeno Gill
Model: Teresa Buchaue

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