Romanian-based photographer Anca Șișu has shared with CVLTARTES a selection of her recent works. From dark, mysterious images to gloomy, and blurred depictions, Anca creates surreal, abstract photographs that seem to highlight the connection between the world around us and the one we can only dream of when sleeping. Her cinematic style captures compelling details: light, moods, or colors.

I’m a film directing student with a great passion for photography. In my works, I strive to create images that can be absorbed through our senses. I love to find correlations between organic textures and the human body, so most of my portraits and self-portraits rely on techniques that make the two melt into each other. Otherwise, I love the lyrical and the imaginary and I always search for the essence of my subjects.

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my suspiciously ‘Chinese eyes’.