Following the elegant eye of our new quest, Alexis Sanchez San Martin leads us to a world brimming with beauty, where his vision for the allurement of the natural world imprints his images with a delicate and ethereal aesthetic. His carefully composed imagery combines an artistic sensibility with an exquisite visual aesthetic.

The work of the Chilean photographer is characterized by the use of sunlight, shadow, and color. As noticed, his creative practice incorporates playfulness with serene lighting and warm colors, resulting in some sort of meditation on the importance of finding joy in everyday scenarios.

Alexis’s photographs are surprising in their nude-ish innocence, transmitting visual pleasure and excitement to the viewer. In his exclusive series, he successfully transports us to the deep emotions of a warm spring day, and it’s pretty incredible how his tender imagery elicits feelings of positivity and calm. Moreover, the current series seems absorbed in light, having a particularly cinematic feel with its polished aesthetic and natural lighting.

Playing with both color and black and white photography (see Instagram), Alexis focuses exclusively on portraying the beauty of female characters. His photos are sensual but reticent, bold but reserved.

Photo: (c) Alexis Sanchez San Martin
Model: Cati
MUA: Monica Cuevas
Location: Cherquenco, Araucania, Chile

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