ZIQIAN LIU is an independent photographer based in Shanghai, China.

All of her work is self-portrait, she wishes to give audience a small world which is calm but not flat. She wants to show woman outside the soft and delicate and inner strength. In fact, this is one of her own expectations.The reason of choose self-portrait is because it is the best way for her to communicate with herself and to get to know herself better. It can inadvertently record the different moments of appearance, in fact, it is also belonging to a kind of keeping diary, but in the form of pictures.

There are two main themes in her work. The first theme is about the symbiosis between human beings and nature. To some extent, it can be said that human beings and the rest of the natural world is equal, we live in the same world, breathing the same air, mutual tolerance. In her works, she tries to find a state of harmony between human and nature, and full of peace and emotion, because in this state of symbiosis, beauty will be most embodied.

The second theme is about perspective. Things we are familiar with often remain in a fixed image, but she is trying to convey through her work, to look at the same thing from different angles, there will be different findings. This is not only for things, but also for understanding others and our hearts. On the other hand, her deepest desire is for symmetry and perfect order, both in the appearance of things and in the patterns of human interaction, but this is too idealistic, after all, society is not balanced, some imperfections make it real. In her work, the image in the mirror represents the idealized world she wishes to live in, and the integration with the outside is just a reminder to respect and recognize the imbalance in the real world, but also to adhere to the order and principles of our hearts.

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