Psychedelic Prog Rock Trio THE LEGENDARY FLOWER PUNK Releases New Album ‘Wabi Wu’

Started in 2012 as an obscure side project of Kamille Sharapodinov (guitarist of established Russian heavy psych proggers The Grand Astoria), The Legendary Flower Punk quickly became a beast of its own. The band mixes psychedelia, space rock, funky fusion and electronics in a joyful manner like no one else in the scene. Krautrock, Japanoise, […]

INEZ – “Now”: A Sensual Poetry that Will Last in Time

INEZ (Ines Brodbeck) presents a new material called “Now” and it seems, at a first audition, that it’s full of a certain poetry shrouded in folk guitars, but “Prophet” somehow overcome the boundaries and you’ll eventually find yourself dusted with dark pop. This Hispanic air comes and puts something unique, […]

(Recenzie) MONO – Nowhere Now Here

Să începem într-o notă clasică, așadar, MONO revin cu material după o perioadă de 3 ani, în care activitatea lor și-a aflat scopul în aparițiile live. Vorbim, deci, despre o perioadă în care MONO a încercat să-și cultive dogmele muzicale în tot soiul de orizonturi, sărind cumva peste puntea asta […]

Exclusive: Young Valentine Releases Debut Electropop Album – ‘Trouble-Trouble’

The double-troublemaker Young Valentine finally releases his debut album. Besides the fact that the whole project is a badass manifesto of limits pushing and bursts in free-speech expression, the electronic pop, boundaries-crushing project is a killer itself. Young Valentine uses Trouble-Trouble to stick it to the man, to prove himself […]