Oslo-based band Mystery Dudes released their first album, “Exit Through the Wormhole.” Impressively, with their album, the heavy trio unapologetically explores various themes ranging from the cosmic to the supernatural while keeping high-energy jams fresh throughout. With “Exit Through the Wormhole,” Mystery Dudes are not shy about their many influences. While they never stray from the energic approach to stoner rock, the trio injects the album with severe amounts of straight-up punk, doom metal, and heavy psych, ideally enough to keep things wild and fresh.

The band describes the album in a statement: “A spaced-out stoner punk odyssey through various themes and soundscapes. Imagine a place with ghost trains, nebulas, evil blood, and eyeballin’ witches. You would probably exit through the wormhole.

The 8-piece album starts with ‘Mountain of Chill,‘ and trust me; the song has so much energy that’ll make you chill the fuck down. The tasty guitar licks bring a heavy, hypnotic light to the table, hitting you in all the right places at once. Then on ‘Evil Blood,’ you find some Ozzy-style vocals and epic doom riffs, and you quickly start feeling like you join Mystery Dudes as they venture through time and space. The riffage on ‘Ghost Train‘ is just great, but for me, the selling effect was on ‘Punk.‘ I liked how the heavy riffs started immediately after the vocals finished. While ‘Ghost Train‘ took a doomier and spookier tonality to match the subject, ‘Nebula‘ is a reverb-heavy ballad with soft influences of southern rock that prepares you for ‘Mondo Hopeless,’ an instrumental track that grooves so hard and grows within you so satisfyingly.

They’ve kept the best for the second half of the album. “Exist Through the Wormhole” ends with the punky ‘Mexican Stand Up,’ an incredibly high-energy song that sends you out of the wormhole and back home.

The record has everything from progressive to psychedelic, and punked-out music from the sixties onward, going through many soundscapes and themes. The album is a wild, entertaining, and, dare I, insane journey to your mind-expanding smoke sesh. Both sonically and visually, you are guaranteed to take your head to places it never went before.

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