THY VEILS opens up about their upcoming music in a series of interviews and articles after their latest single, ‘Influx,’ received dozens of positive reviews from music critics. Prestigious publications from Europe, America, and Africa have published a vast number of excellent feedback.

Accordingly, We Rave You, one of the leading electro music media platforms with millions of followers worldwide, writes that “with their latest release, the beautifully dark yet funky single, Influx, the group looks to expand upon their minimalist indie and pop style, creating a track that feels modern but also wouldn’t be out of place alongside the darker 80’s pop made famous by acts like Depeche Mode and New Order.”

To celebrate their well-acclaimed song and upcoming record, THY VEILS performed live on November 18 in the Control Club in Bucharest, sharing exclusive tracks from “Next Forever” and crafting a series of passages describing their upcoming album’s nuances. 

The Romanian band is nearing completion of their next album, eyeing a soon release. But while THY VEILS is not necessarily rushing the record’s release, with all the recent feedback, they are more excited than ever to share their new music.

THY VEILS, both live and on record, are simply majestic: they have an unerring ability to construct the most incredible breathtaking sonic architecture that is impossibly beautiful and immersive. A band that has captured the essence of what the future unfolds: mystical, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and cinematic.

On working on ‘Influx,’ Daniel Dorobantu says for the British publication Lost in The Manor that he “started working on this track 4 years ago with the arpeggiated synth sounds and the rhythmic section. Even if it was not a complete track, I enjoyed the result very much and decided to wait for the best way to continue producing it. 

Any other month I tested various things, but nothing improved the track. This was until a few months ago when I presented it to my new colleagues. Everything went fast and smooth, and soon we had the finished track, together with some extra synth lines and effects that I recorded being inspired by their contributions. Almost three weeks after the release, Influx is Thy Veils’ most successful single release.”

As part of the immersive project, THY VEILS is also launching a series of narrative stories carefully crafted to reveal the creative process of every song from the forthcoming album, their working methods, or sources of inspiration. As such, the band has already shared the names of two soon-to-be-released singles.

Read exclusive details about the upcoming singles ‘A High Age’ and ‘Upstream.’

Daniel Dorobantu has always been a futurist in his field, continuously breaking new ground with his music and mastery of creative innovation. From his early pioneering role in music, his explorations into the realms of visual performance, and his use of multi-channel audio technology and production, modernism and technology are at the forefront of everything he does.

That’s why it came easy for him to declare for the Berlin-based publication Fifteen Questions that “identity is strongly associated with self-image, self-concept, individuality, and self-esteem. It influences our worldview, and therefore, it is important. It affects every aspect of our lives, including art. 

Many years ago, I explored this topic and how it influenced creativity. Later, after discovering and understanding the flow state, I became very interested in one of its many benefits: the state of consciousness of not having a self. Listening or creating music makes it easy for me to enter this flow state and therefore have no self, no identity.”

Today is unquestionably an exciting time to create and make music. On what stands behind the album’s concept, Daniel Dorobantu mentions that “Next Forever is also an expression of scientific considerations and realizations about the nature of consciousness, of how the Universe works, reunited with our personal experiences of immersing ourselves within the great questions of existence. 

It’s our multidimensional tapestry of stories that projects an imaginary universe 30 millennia into the future when each person functions based on nondual consciousness. Envisioning a group flow state at a planetary scale.”

In January next year, THY VEILS will release a brand-new single from the upcoming album. We will be back soon with all the information.

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Photos: (c) Georgiana Feidi

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