Swedish post-rock collective Feed Me To The Waves today share a visualizer video for a new track titled ‘Wither So Brightly’, which is taken from the band’s forthcoming second album “Apart”, due out on November 18th via dunk!records. 

Recorded at Växhuset, Västerås, mixed by Kim Ruiz at Nacksving Studios, Göteborg, and mastered by Jonas Everaert (dunk!studios), the follow-up to their 2019’s album “Intill”, sees the Swedish collective excelling at crafting lush soundscapes, focusing on dramatic contrasts between cathartic crescendos and breathtaking and contemplative ambiances. 

The band comments: “The album is a symbol of the present, the good and the bad. For us, the focus has been on the process and how it affected the music. It holds a lot of meaning to us. “Apart” is a record not only about the present but about the act of being present. It could have been easy for the band members to allow themselves to become further detached during the more depressingly isolated moments of the pandemic. But the strength that shines through in the music comes from how tightly unified they sound, how cohesive they are even within the natural dreaminess of their stylistic inclinations.”

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Band photos: (c) Daniela Wirén