“TAR” is the long-awaited second album by jeffk, out January 20, 2023, on Golden Antenna Records. The first album “Inadequate Shelter” impressed many post-rock and instrumental rock fans. 

After touring throughout Europe and playing major post-rock festivals, jeffk returned to Jan Oberg’s Hidden Planet Studio in Berlin to record the new album.

Fingers’ is the second single from “TAR” and can be listened to, here:

On “TAR“, the trio refined its style of creating sonic landscapes by focusing on groove and balancing playfulness and aggression. The music is accompanied by an album cover and visuals that can be considered as an artistic commentary on the dystopian zeitgeist of today’s society in light of humanity’s impact on nature.

When taking up “TAR”’s theme of dystopia, the song’s title and its structure could be read as a restless journey through all good and bad things that come from human hands. The band’s drummer says: “Always after playing this song during the writing process, my fingers bled. And I don’t know if this is a good or a bad sign for it.”

About the album title and theme the band has to say: “The album title “TAR” refers to mankind’s tendency to cover their paradise with concrete, thus robbing it of its qualities and depriving themselves of habitat in order to create a new ‘paradise’ that doesn’t come close to the previously destroyed one.”

jeffk has the ability to convey this kind of dystopian atmosphere with their music, arranging elements of (post-)rock, (post-)metal, and electronic music. By adding loops and synthesizers, jeffk creates a style that is in no way a cliché of already explored post-rock themes.

“TAR” is released in two colored vinyl editions, as a digipack CD, and as a digital download, and can be pre-ordered here.

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Band photos: (c) Andy Plötz

Cover artwork: (c) Adrian Kietzmann