I first ran into skin skript’s work on Instagram and found it absolutely amazing and touching how this photographer captures the most beautiful “imperfections” of a woman’s body. Her body itself. For me it was something that just caught my eye, not just ordinary run-of-the-mill stuff. Let’s see what this photographer has to say when it comes to inspiration, skin or a memorable photograph. 

First thing off, please tell us more about yourself?

One of the best things about this project is that I photograph anonymously, from boys, to girls. I love the mysterious vibe that this account gives, because I want people to see the beauty in the pictures and not care about who takes them or who is behind the skin. So, I prefer to remain incognito. All philosophy aside, I am just a girl trying to express her mind through photos.

Was there an inspirational moment when you realised that photography was what you’d been seeking?

Not really, I think I have always had that passion for photography. As I am a theater student, this artsy/ photography side of me kinda bursted out everywhere through my camera. 

What inspires you?

My pain inspires me .

Why are you so fascinated about skin?

I think one of the most neglected things on this planet has to be the skin. Just imagine that there are over 7 billion bodies out there, all being different from each other. Now, the skin is like the sky of our Universe; where all the stars are, where all the nebulas show up, and where all the lightnings strike. It’s like a map of our souls. That’s why I am so fascinated about it.

How do you choose your models? Are they close friends?

I myself am one of the “models “ (smile). But yes, most of the people I photograph are close friends. One of my goals is to photograph strangers though, and let them see how beautiful they are with their perfect “imperfections” .

What makes a good picture in your opinion? When are you satisfied with one of your photo?

In my opinion, purity and realness makes a huge difference. I always tell my “models “ to act natural, as if I weren’t there .

To me, the key to a memorable photograph is that it should illuminate human experience, more like a psychological journey. Is photography seen as a new language? How do you see it?

The way you said it’s beautiful . As I said above, I am inspired by my pain, but I also express it. When you see one of my pictures, you see a part of my mind and soul. A part of me. That is why a lot of my friends like to reach out for me for photo shoots. I always pour my heart out for the ones close to me .

Is there an overall message you’d like your photos to convey?

I like to let people think whatever they want when they see my art. Think of it as a labyrinth . You choose what way you want to get out .

All images: (c) Skin Skript

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