This project I recently ran into has so much to say and all in favor for teaching, coaching and uncovering the artistry in people. Embody Through Storytelling helps you in one way or another to discover yourself and encourages you to tell your story. When we asked Ioana Cristina Casapu how this project first started, she told Cultartes: The project was born in my living room, in February 2018, out of a random idea. What began as a stand-alone artistic recovery workshop has evolved into a stream of Creative Coaching Classes for storytellers, entrepreneurs and digital visionaries who are looking to tap into the unadulterated source of passion and joy that lies at the core of who they are, and learn how to maintain a natural curiosity when dealing with mental or emotional roadblocks. I collaborated on a second workshop with fellow storyteller and digital architect Ruxandra Babici and aim to carry on this formula for various types of classes, with different speakers from many different realms.

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The ultimate goal with taking this course is to gain self-awareness, balance and fluidity in approaching personal and professional challenges with a creative mindset. Narrate Yourself – the digital storytelling summer school is a focused 4-modules learning experience which facilitates creative recovery and proactive business-to-consumer communication enhancement through an empowering coaching program created on the principles of artistic rehabilitation. The Digital Storytelling Summer School is aimed at content creators, digital entrepreneurs, communication managers, journalists and digital services facilitators (but not limited to), who want to approach and successfully resolve the challenges around communicating their personal brand with diligence, pragmatism and innovation. The curricula is adapted to cater every student’s learning rhythm, offering adaptable instruments according to the participants’ individual experiences. Access to classes is entirely online, so that students can attend the summer school wherever they are based, in either English or Romanian. Built on methods inspired by the fundamentals of artistic recovery, integrative therapy, transaction analysis and narrative journalism, The School offers four modules of optimized learning, so that each student can benefit from gradual, solution-focused and techniques they can apply straight away to overcome creative block, write their brand story, write their first short story, upgrade their professional credentials (About page, resume, social media channels descriptions), and enhance the way they connect with their audiences and customers.

Photo by Emilia Leoca

The four modules integrated in The Digital Storytelling Summer School are:

1. The Art of Visualisation: How To Generate Brilliant Ideas (50 min) 20th of August, 6 PM (CET+1)

A class of creative introspection which facilitates combined solution-oriented techniques aimed at self-awareness, self-reflection and cognitive enhancement to benefit digital storytelling and personal branding. You will learn to connect with your own creative resources and channel them into successfully curating your long term objectives (personal or business). Through the Art Of Visualisation we enter a loving, empathetic and solution-focused “emotional bootcamp” aimed at individuals who are looking to tap into their personal creative inner source, regardless the industry they work in or the walk of life they come from. Our mission is to address an open conversation with the inner artist, the happiness architect that lives inside each one of us, and focus on the ways this deep connection can strengthen the way we can transform our lives, our businesses and our relationships through the permeability of creativity.

2. The Art of Storytelling: Creative Expression and Personal Brand Architecture (50 min) 21th of August , 6 PM (CET+1)

This is a class about the importance of storytelling and the benefits of empathic communication in any type of business/venture. You will learn to define your voice, your creative mission and to write your personal brand’s story by integrating techniques from narrative journalism, script writing and NLP. You will learn to create a story that sells through connection, empathy and emotion, with just the right words that move people and hearts from their ordinary places (and get you new clients!).

3. The Art Of Connection: The Psychology of Personal Branding In Digital Realms (50 min) 22nd of August, 6 PM (CET+1)

Human relationships and online-offline connection. Bounce: from business to personal and viceversa. You will learn to communicate like a PRO. You will learn to translate your personal brand’s story for every other digital communication channel, in a systemic manner, and transfer your message throughout digital environments (your About page, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, website, personal portfolio, rate-card and press features/interviews).

4. The Art Of Asking: Building and Nourishing a Digital Reputation (50 min) 23rd of August, 6 PM (CET+1)

This class teaches you how to communicate your mission and values effectively in the digital realms, how to refine your audience and potential customers and how to expand your reach organically through powerful storytelling. You will be working with techniques and communication models which enhance immediate applicability. You will gain the tools and confidence to ask, offer and build a strong, ethical and fruitful relationship with your audience (50 min) One is ready to “do their job” whenever they feel confident and willing to work towards their dream, and that is entirely a personal decision. The School is a proactive tool which promotes this mindset and was created to enhance this type of decisions.

Don’t quit your story.

Tell your story.

Embody Through Storytelling.

Photo by Emilia Leoca

Furthermore, Ioana Cristina Casapu explains: The School is built on a 20/30/50 system (learning/practice/individual work), which means theoretical concepts are attached to solution-oriented tactics and exercises which translate directly into practice and content creation. Each class comes with a dedicated workbook, and students are encouraged to work through the contents for minimum 7 weeks. Even though it takes only 21 hours to learn a new skill, neuroscience has proven that 7 weeks is the optimal amount of time that favors rewiring and successful integration of a new habit. By the end of these 7 weeks, students will have gained not only the practical knowledge of how to effectively communicate and convert their brand story, but also immediate results by working closely with their audiences and experimenting with techniques which target growth, reputation and connectivity.

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