The season of music festivals has already begun in the Romania. From now until autumn there will be numerous festivals and concerts happening each and every weekend, not only in Rasnov but in other cities and towns across the county.

The metal Romanian music scene is thriving at the moment and there are many bands and musicians who are creating music which is different, exciting and well worth getting into. Here are our bands “that you’ve probably never heard of” (in no particular order) but should watch out for on Rockstadt Extreme Fest.

NUVIJAN [Alternative Hardcore Nu-Metal]

Nuvijan name comes from the “Nu vision” that these guys keep alive over time. Over seven years since the band is alive, Nuvijan mastered its own groove with scents and elements of alternative metal, hardcore, and Nu-metal. Their live performance is an energetic one through which these guys create moods with messages that are found in each of us.

BLANĂ BOMBĂ [Alternative Metal]

The band, founded in January 2018, consists of 4 boys aged 11 to 13 who share the same passion, rock music, and love to be on stage. Nicholas, Rares, Zoran, and Rares are working intensely on making their first album, currently having 7 tracks in their portfolio. The songs are written together with Nunu Racris and Nina Neagu, from Rock School, where the band creates and rehearses. Their style is alternative metal, with energy-rich parts and many decibels. The first year of activity was successful, with multiple concerts, interviews, and radio shows.

LUCKY THIRTEEN [Progressive Rock Metal]

In November 2017, Lucky Thirteen released his debut EP, entitled “Standing In The Shadows”; through the six parts we are carried through amplified emotional states specific to the Jungian concept of shadow, in which light and darkness are part of the same one, are determined by each other and can only be created in this duality. The band is currently exploring an entire universe of new sounds, featured in compositions promising a future album with a distinctive nuance, but bearing the same unmistakable and original Lucky Thirteen brand.

TC3 [Progressive Alternative Metal]

“TC3 is a mix of metal subgenres, but we like to consider ourselves metal / progressive alternative,” they say. Up to now, 8 songs are ready, and in the future, they will release a digital format and a printed one. The story of each song speaks for itself, pursuing identical goals from different visions.


A Big Mean Thrashing Machine. These are the words by which the Mental Disorder band is described. Established in the summer of 2017, this is the youngest thrash band in the country outside Bucharest. The band approaches a raw thrash metal sound, reminiscent of the sound of the 1980s and even ’90s. Mental Disorder had gigs in several cities in Romania, participating Metal Bunker VIII (2019). Since their start, they shared the scene with several known bands like the Altar or Necronomicon.


EAT YOUR HEART is a rock/metal band in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It was formed in 2016, when they released their first song, “Mirrors”. Eat Your Heart is a young, ambitious and determined band, with a style that combines sub-genres of metal, rock and more. They have a modern sound, based on the aggressive screams, melodic clean vocals, and hard riffs, the band wishes to live up to international standards and to outcome themselves with every release they make.

The article is meant to be a purely informative one. Cultartes editors suggest these bands based on their choices and knowledge.

Cover photo: screenshot from Rockstadt Extreme Fest official video by Costion Chioreanu

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