“Do You Need Me to Remind You?” how good this is? If you haven’t heard it, probably, yes.

April has not only provided some of the finest music from artists such as Alcest, Thrown, August Burns Red, and The Plot in You but has also offered some of the best music collaborations. Listed in random order, here are some of our favorite collaborations this month.


For a die-hard fan of Bad Omens, this collab is everything we could dream of. We all kinda hoped this would happen, so I guess daydreaming pays off because this track’s stuck in my head.

2022 saw the release of “The Death of Peace of Mind“, the third full-length album from rock and metalcore act Bad Omens and now, the band is expanding on the album with the announcement of a four-issue monthly comic book series and accompanying soundtrack, titled ‘Concrete Jungle,’ named for the album’s opening track.

Following their collab with Poppy earlier this year, Bad Omens have dropped another single from their upcoming ‘Concrete Jungle [THE OST]‘ project with industrial noisemongers HEALTH and electro whiz SWARM titled ‘The Drain‘. A brooding, sinister cut with dual vocals from Noah Sebastian and HEALTH’s Jacob Duzsik, it adds another shade of darkness to Bad Omens’ ever-expanding palette.

This fusion not only redefines musical norms but also paves the way for future cross-genre explorations. The song’s infectious energy and memorable lyrics solidify its place as a trailblazing collaboration.

The Drain” demonstrates the symbiotic creative energy that has developed between these two impressive musical entities, drawing upon their respective sonic profiles to create a masterfully crafted, unique single. This track pulsates with industrial energy, melodic metal undertones, and a cleverly adapted sample of Bad Omens’ Gold-certified single “The Death Of Peace Of Mind“.


Poppy is continuing to work with some of the best bands on the planet right now: after teaming up with Bad Omens in January, she guests on a killer new Knocked Loose single.

The superstar has joined forces with Bryan Garris and co. for ‘Suffocate,’ which is taken from the band’s highly-anticipated third album “You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To” (due out on May 10 via Pure Noise). And, spoiler alert: she absolutely crushes her guest spot.

The song is about “someone stabbing you in the back,” as per Knocked Loose bandleader Bryan Garris. Guitarist Isaac Hale added about working with Poppy, “It was so fun because her voice allowed us to expand our palette and do some weird, off-the-wall things that we maybe wouldn’t do in another song. We felt that because we had Poppy’s voice involved, it allowed us to kind of push the boundaries of what we thought was feasible.”

Poppy said, “I am a huge fan of Knocked Loose and honored to be on this one.”


Alt-metallers From Ashed to New announce the June 7 release of a digital deluxe edition of their critically acclaimed, #1-charting 2023 concept album “Blackout” along with the release of “One Foot In The Grave (feat. Aaron Pauley from Of Mice & Men).”

The band also shared a haunting CGI world music video directed by longtime collaborator JosiahX. Of the new song vocalist Danny Case says: “‘One Foot in the Grave’ is an invigorating track that blends genres and pushes boundaries. The collaboration with Aaron has been an incredible journey, fusing our unique styles to create something truly special. We can’t wait for our fans to experience it.


Is this a glitch in the matrix? For those growing up on a steady diet of Linkin Park, this track is a breath of fresh fucking air. And if you’ve not yet heard of Ekoh, well, consider this your intro, because it’s an absolute jewel.

Ekoh and Lo Spirit have a chemistry and ebullient vitality that’s downright infectious. ‘Good Things’ is a freaky-deeky fusion that works in spots proving once again that hip-hop can get along with rock music. This single is edgy, heavy, and melodic, and draws inspiration from a variety of genres spanning decades, making it easy to see why it has caught the attention of such a broad audience. The vocal dynamic between Lo Spirit and Ekoh is still a match made in heaven; combining razor-sharp, melodious hooks with bars being delivered by Ekoh to form this equilibrium they have become known for.

Ekoh shared on social media, “It’s FINALLY here. Ever since Hello Loneliness you’ve been asking if we would do another song together. There’s never usually a plan for something like that, but there’s a hope that the stars will align to bring something that will resonate with both of you and be important enough to dump your time, energy, and emotions into one more time. Luckily for us, it happened in a big way, and exactly one year after the release of Hello Loneliness, it will be in the world. This one is special in so many ways.


Top 10 charting, 3X Grammy Award-nominated rock outfit Nothing More has unveiled a music video for their new compelling and defiant track ‘House on Sand‘ featuring I Prevail vocalist Eric Vanlerberghe.

Sometimes you lose sight of your purpose in life and wander off the path you were on,” says frontman Jonny Hawkins on “House on Sand”. “Years later you find yourself in a life that does not match the vision you once had for yourself. Trapped, you are left with a choice, betray your inner voice, or trust it; continue and play it safe, or turn back and start again… I’m starting again.”

Recorded with Grammy-nominated producer WZRD BLD (Disturbed, Motionless In White, A Day To Remember) with mixing and mastering by Zakk Cervini (Limp Bizkit, MGK, Bring Me The Horizon), CARNAL unites Nothing More’s trademark introspective philosophical lyrics and unapologetically massive anthems with in-your-face rockers designed for an all-encompassing audience.

Cover photo via Bad Omens’ music video ‘The Drain.’

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