The post-metal powerhouse from Austria is back. Post-metal collective BOG has released their new EP called “Remission” via Polawa Records. Initially founded by rhythm guitarist Tim Primbs as an emotional outlet to cope with several experiences with death, BOG is now a full five-person band providing a variety of dark, atmospheric melodies and monolithic, powerful riffs. 

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Being the first release of a planned trilogy, “Remission” tells the personal story of Tim’s relationship with his father; it’s about loss, grief, and the search for his history. “Remission‘ sports nearly 30 minutes of excellent atmospheric, shoegaze, and post-metal, which is no less than what you’d expect from this consistent band. Shaped to flow seamlessly as a cohesive stream of consciousness experience, the EP sees BOG getting conceptual across its three songs. 

Dead End’ is the opening track and lead single from “Remission,” so you most likely have seen and enjoyed the video. ‘Dead End‘ is a mood setter with a tremendous atmospheric feeling and profound insights for those yet to discover it. The beautifully clean voice only comes to balance the overall complexity of the record, adding an entirely new dimension. 

Clenched are the Charred‘ is the record’s centerpiece, surrounded by lunging post metal, quickly shifting gears and voice into heavier territory. The track is so exceptional that you almost do not notice yourself being grabbed into darker, more sinister backgrounds. The ethereal guitar line and intense growls on the track ‘Remission‘ layer on top of each other until you are left wholly consumed. 

Tim Primbs says that “Remission is a search for light in a place with many shadows. It’s an ongoing evolution. And if there’s a hidden message, I don’t have an answer where to find this message, and that’s precisely what  Remission is all about“.

Anyone acquainted with BOG knows by now that their name alone is a seal of quality in and of itself, so “Remission” only comes to strengthen the point.

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