Italian-based Darkwave duo Iamnoone has just released their new digital single ‘The Need’. The song is taken from their successful latest album “Dead Season” (released in November 2021) and comes with the brand new b-side “The Edge of the World”. The single is accompanied by an atmospheric video.

“‘The Need’ crawls under our skins like an itch, like a subtle will that slowly, but relentlessly, grows in our soul and our body, to the point of becoming an obsession.

The desire permeates our feelings and shouts us the reality the way we would like it to be.

Sometimes, even the shadows created by our own Need can turn into light.”

Iamnoone will also play the COLD TRANSMISSION FESTIVAL on August 19th & 20th 2022 in Cologne, Germany. Their atmospheric and intense live performances should not be missed.

Sometimes, a path one chooses, crosses another path chosen by a like-minded person. Iamnoone was born at one of these crossroads.

Cold wave, dark wave, and occult wave could be genres that give an idea about Iamnoone‘s music. Everything is shrouded in the atmosphere of a dream, of a trip to the deep self, of a search for the inner light. We believe only through being no one we can, at last, reach peace.

I – the one entity we become through music
am – we feel, therefore we are
no one – nobody, but also no one in particular

Maybe in everyone there is a no one.

Iamnoone released their debut album “DVPLEX” in 2019, followed by the successful albums “A Primitive Trinitas” (2020) and “Dead Season” (2021) as well as various singles with special b-sides.

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Cover photo: (c) Regina Zverkova

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