Today we’re extremely pleased to be premiering the music video for “Shift‘ by Pilestra, mixed and mastered by Attila Lukinich (DSpro studio). Contemporary, visuals, sci-fi, spirituality, electronic. Put all this in the pot and you have Pilestra. Manuela Marchis is a visual artist and performer based in Timisoara, vocalist of Katharos XIII and collaborating with Thy Veils. She “uses electronics and voice to transmit intel from other Universal dimensions“, as Manuela told us in an interview published few years ago.

Electronic music has always been a deeply nebulous term, almost impossible to define. So if you choose to tell a story it is important to say something about the kind of electronic music you have in mind, your vision of its world. Manuel says she ” wanted to create a love song and to let the romantic her manifest. It is a subject that has been put aside for some time.

Shift is more of an inner attempt to accept this form of love, finding the scent and sensuality in its rhythm, movement and play. There is a real transformation in everyone’s feelings and I find that the heart opens in various ways. Love is love, indeed, but it’s felt different with two other persons and that’s why it’s so unique. So here comes my need to transform this song into a techno one, perhaps to create a connection with your loved one.

Working from the song’s lyrics, Manuela put a focus on making the musical content natural, yet powerful. “Shift” feels at once ancient and futuristic. Awe-inducing in its power and chaos – with retrofuturisms parts- the song has an attitude you might wish was more common in electronic music. Take a listen!

All copyrights belong to Pilestra.

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