“Who is this Peter Haze?”, one might ask. Well, I can’t tell for sure, I know. I would describe Peter’s work as a daily paranoia.

But I do kinda like his photography style. These are beautiful examples that illustrate our ordinary, dull daily life; from inspirational landscapes, stunning sunrises, the same old, same old cats, simple objects to complex macro photographs that say a lot about the universal human experiences.

“My brain is a Universe, the mind, my spaceship.” I would describe Peter’s work as a daily paranoia; he’s always ready with the camera capturing some spontaneous images, while others tend to wait for the right opportunity to come. As beautiful as these images may seem, you’ll sense a powerful note of melancholy, or is just me being home sick.

“I have a keen eye usually for many things that spark my mind and imagination, on this particular night after me and my girlfriend had a bit of fun, we were relaxing in the kitchen naked and I couldn’t stop looking at her body and appreciate it from an artsy point of view. The way the light and shadows played on her, the curves, the skin, the spine hidden in the shadow looking like a canyon ready to be explored, just made me want to grab my camera and freeze that moment in time.

I think all guys out there should take a moment sometimes and look at their girls body from an art POV, appreciate it like a fine art, drink a bottle of wine or whatever, and walk those fingers on her skin like a fine brush on a canvas”, says Peter about the black and white image with his girlfriend.

All Photo Credits: Peter Haze

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This article was originally published in Cultartes Magazine #4 – “Dreams and Nightmares”. Get your copy in print here.

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