For those of you who have obsessively watched Tetsuo, Blade Runner, or Ghost in the Shell, cyberpunk is more than a thing of aesthetics. Thankfully, cyberpunk has made a strong comeback in the last few years, and now the Romanian photographer Stefan Constantin Georgian creates stunning photographs that emphasize cyberpunk aesthetics with dramatic lighting effects and impressive staging. Easily mistaken for CGI, this exclusive series opens up a whole new world of Romanian photography.

Besides that, Stefan has a passion for filmmaking and content creation which helps him to constantly build universes and develop narratives, forming the hallmark of his work. The colors, light sources, and effects the photographer used in this series created a futuristic atmosphere, sourcing and affecting a variety of visual stimuli. By selecting a mix of punk-inspired accessories, a video projector, and RGB lights, the artist teams up with model Maria to make each frame look like a sci-fi film set waiting to catch life.

Everything began with a simple idea based on a picture on Pinterest and a pair of LED glasses. For some time I wanted to work on something with cyberpunk inspiration so I decided to write to Maria and talk about this idea.

I believe two types of models could “play” such a character in a photoshoot, someone with shapes or someone tall (at least from my perspective). Since we had previously collaborated, I selected Maria as she fits into one of the typologies and we knew we would simplify the creative process when we worked together. To create the cyberpunk look, I used RGB lighting and a small video projector to project different backgrounds.

Stefan Constantin Georgian

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