Giulia Bersani was a child when she first enjoyed the analog photography world. Ever since then, she captures intimate, innocent and melancholic photos. When I first saw her images it was hard for me to imagine such a delicate and quite mature work, approaching subjects as love, intimacy and beauty. Her models are smartly chosen, increasing the adrenaline with every look you take.

All the different shades and colors of light make it possible to create different atmospheres and suggestions. The other essential aspects for me are the subject and the authenticity of the moment.

Whenever I’m looking for photographers to write about, it’s a thing I choose without really thinking about the photos I want to find. It’s something that comes once within emotion; Giulia perfectly creates a teenage-like atmosphere with such powerful feelings and attention to details. “Kind of ugly” is her most recent project and highlights the same inspirational, strong concept.

All photos credits: Giulia Bersani

Follow her work on: Website

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my suspiciously ‘Chinese eyes’.