Ouroboros‘ is Peri Winkle‘s debut single, a euphoric introduction to her close encounter with death and the psychological implications of standing face to face with oblivion. In her caffeinated and vibrant pop world, it seems like every feeling is lit up in neon: from the life-changing near-death experience to the anime-inspired notes, the artist has an answer to everything, and embracing her own mess is her rocket fuel.

Peri Winkle is the solo project of the Australian-Norwegian interdisciplinary artist Claudia Cox. By collaborating with Peder Kolsung on production, they successfully created a genre-bending sound with tastes of glitchcore, hyperpop, satanic electro-glitch pop, metal, electronica, existentialism, feminism, and new music.

Last year I was in an acrobatic accident where I had a near death experience. I fell from 3 metres head first into a stage floor. Brutal, It all happened so quickly and I was extremely lucky to survive this accident. I broke my nose, left arm, and ligaments in my right wrist. 

For 6 months I was bedridden, faced with a very heavy concussion, and the psychological implications of processing this accident were extremely tough and took a huge toll on my mental health.I was on sick leave for almost a year in recovery, and has been a surprising blessing.

‘Ouroboros‘ was released today and is a standout, glam emotional song that touches on so many genres, managing to cram more surprise with every second you play. As the song opens up, it is clear that the Aussie-born artist offers something intricate. Dreamy Peri Winkle boasts sweet, breathy vocals that ghost over rich electronic and rebel textures pulled together over a psych-infused glitchcore. The disjointed delivery and computerized shutters add texture to the song; that way, the vocal effects unravel as the song progresses and reads like a story. It’s a track dense both with narrative detail and sonic texture and throughout it, there is a looming poltergeist of sounds that expedite the storytelling Peri has tried to build.

On her debut track, Peri says, ‘I hope listeners understand that no matter how dark your pain is, and how much it is masked from the world, do not be shy to speak up and ask for help. It is there in the most unexpected places.’

Ouroboros‘ offers insight into her growing pains. It’s not easy to create a song that is as catchy as it is verbose, but using these sounds and repetitive beats makes for a fantastic track that we would hit shuffle on. Still, despite the emotional themes, the single seems to see Peri at her most spectacularly carefree as she puts together a powerful single that is both enveloping and inviting, giving a specific vibe that almost everyone is bound to enjoy.

‘For me, when I perform or create, that music can access a magic we cannot express in the surface world. An eternal fire is hidden inside of you. Accessing the undercurrent.’

The track also paves the way for a much deeper dive into the glitchcore and hyper-pop aesthetics of Peri’s music, and to evoke futurism and shapelessness, it leaves the listener wondering what’s next. We are excited to see what sounds Peri Winkle continues to explore, and we hope to hear more experimentation with this glitchcore sound.

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