PAWEL Szvmanski‘s personal analogue story began with a 35 mm camera, used to go around shooting in compact cameras such as the Konica C35. His experience in formats is very diverse, having already taken in polaroids, square, wide, old, and new, including the SX-70 and 195 Land Camera.

“Adding the work with scanning of all those big 120mm negatives, you get an enormously encouraging process that is so satisfactory and rewarding; I definitely prefer the workflow when you have to wait for processing the film and manage to scan yourself. I’ve started shooting MF on digital as well, the look is different to me when compared to 35mm, more natural in terms of what human eyes see, i.e. closer but wider.”

Pawel’s photographic work runs seamless and clear, with the distinct ‘analogue’ qualities intact. Inspired by music and films by David Lynch, David Cronenberg, PJ Harvey, Thom Yorke, James Maynard Keenan, Mike Patton and Josh Homme.

” I know what environment I need and in most cases, I know what focal length will work but most importantly I think I know what emotional impact I would expect. I keep on repeating that I still search for something in photography, try to find something that can be considered ‘mine’, ‘personal’, whatever you call it. It’s the harder way but worth the result.”

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