Hooooooooooly shit. Every once in a while, when reviewing albums, I encounter something truly beautiful. While wading through all the repetitive albums out there, I came across a real gem. This time, that diamond is The Neuromaniacs’ latest, and what a diamond it is!

The Neuromaniacs came out of nowhere and took the underground scene by surprise for all the best reasons. It seems that the more I listen to their single ‘Revelations’, the more I find to appreciate it, and I still want to revisit it a few times before moving on to something else.

Formerly known as the leader of Johnny & The Brewsers (Lounge Lizard Licks), this musician/producer is trying out new things. Johnny Brewer created The Neuromaniacs to fulfill his desire to lead a project where he was responsible for all aspects of its production. The result is a blend between electronica and rock with a sci-fi touch, at least on this first single.

Few bands can pull off this style, and many who attempt to emulate it or come close to it fail miserably. But I’m extremely happy to report that Brewer knows what he’s doing, as I have never heard anything quite like this.

The band has taken rock, fused it with atmospheric electronica, cinematic elements, and harsh vocals, and made something just extraordinary. Aural textures that suddenly and dramatically change from quiet to loud, lovely to discordant, are mind-blowing. This is one of those tracks that you remember where you were the first time you heard it. It is a truly unique sound that will stay with you long after it has finished playing, a testament to the power of creativity and the amazing things that can be done with music.

Each and every moment of the track is incredibly engaging, whether due to the powerful sonic assault or the gorgeous atmosphere. Lots of technical goodies backed by strong hooks and guitar work. Every aspect of songwriting and composition is eye-catching, futuristic, and memorable.

There are so many layers and elements at play in ‘Revelations’ that it could almost be interpreted as overly complex. Many things are happening at once, to the point where I often feel like I am experiencing sensory overload. But the song expresses so much, it does not linger on ideas for too long, it feels like your head is whipped around constantly as you search for the next killer riff or vocal/guitar hook that will stay in your head all day.

Hats off, Johnny! Don’t forget about us little guys on your way to the top.

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