When things get pretty nasty and chaotic, sometimes claustrophobic in your life, music is a very potent escape hatch to make sense of it all. Norway’s dark synth-pop innovators The Holy Mountain probably feel the same way, because their music holds you together in one piece, without the fear of ever breaking down.

Standing out in the modern synth-pop scene of 2024 is a tough feat to manage, yet over the years The Holy Mountain have managed to do so effortlessly and they’re aiming to keep up with this with their latest release ‘Searing Light.’

The Holy Mountain has used vocals, synths, and drums since 2015 to produce impressive critically acclaimed, unique, and genre-defying music with a taste for the dark and transcendental. Already in early 2024, the trio is ready with their next EP, an upbeat breath of fresh air in their musical career. “They Are Asleep” is all about having a party in hell, with lyrical themes about collective ignorance, death, and the decay of nature, and music reminiscent of Y2K techno, synth-pop, and sci-fi horror.

I would like to introduce you to their recently released song ‘Searing Light‘, which unleashes emotions much like the cabinet of creatures on ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.’ While feeling melancholic, the beat and synths are crisp and you immediately want to stomp on the dance floor and get rid of all the pent-up sadness and frustration. Mood-wise, the track goes up and down, much like your emotions.

Searing Light‘ is calm and serene, but the atmosphere feels dark. Hidden among the stream-of-consciousness style lyrics, overcoming darkness is the key theme that runs across the single. The vocal delivery is warm and half-spoken and her phrasing is ultimately full of hope. It is The Holy Mountain’s defining brilliance that sheds some light on this rather dark world of ours. Sound-wise, the track digs itself into your psyche long after it’s finished playing. That is because The Holy Mountain has created impressive soundscapes using synths and drums that help us visualize the imagery their lyrics beautifully convey.

Catharina Janner Røed‘s captivating vocals enchant throughout, complemented by Andreas Angell‘s vibrant accordion and Aleksander Tidemann‘s heady synth atmosphere. They wear their emotions on their sleeves while performing, letting their fervor take center stage.

With their graceful and meditative instrumentalism ebbing and flowing gorgeously, their sound is unbelievably heartbreaking, filled with mesmerizing vocals, and dotted with moments of dreamy yet dark synth-pop that perfectly complement their mesmerizing vocals. There is something cathartic about the track, showcasing a band comfortable in their own aural space as well as redefining what it means to be a synth-pop band in the 21st century.

The dark synth-pop elements of ‘Searing Light‘ are blended with grace and tact, with every detail feeling perfectly crafted at the time. Fans of dark, experimental music can sink their teeth into the intimate, atmospheric music here, while synth-pop music fans will find a new favorite band in The Holy Mountain.

Overall, this is about as close as you’re going to get to a new synth-pop masterpiece. The Holy Mountain has toyed with excellence, but they’ve achieved it with the impressive ‘Searing Light.’

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