Harap-Alb is an iconic Romanian fairytale that has captivated generations focusing on the journey of a heroic prince. Overcoming insurmountable challenges, and with the help of several allegorical characters, the prince proves his worth and reclaims his rightful throne. The story beautifully encapsulates themes of identity, bravery, and friendship.

The timeless tale is being reimagined and brought to life through fashion, thanks to a remarkable collaboration between OGRADA and SADDO. This meticulously crafted design pushes the boundaries of fashion into art, showing how storybook references can be a fantastically effective way to add whimsical elements to clothing.

This fairytale fashion design beautifully combines innocent characters with adult designer clothing, surely enticing anyone with whimsically eccentric tastes. Although they are currently out of stock, we are confident that OGRADA will be able to produce more pieces in the future.

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