The work of photographer Marc T includes striking cinematic street photography as well as stunning portraits and intimate editorials. Despite the wide range of his work, his photographs are imbued with an element of elegance and imperfection.

In concluding a project that spanned several years, the artist has decided to launch a limited edition nude print box collection, ‘Corpus,’ which serves as the culmination of an ongoing project. ‘Corpus‘ is a limited edition containing 10 original and signed photographs inspired by the classic old photography archive box.

The photographs are printed on high museum-quality paper from the prestigious Canson Infinity Photographic Paper and are hand-signed by the author and certificated by Canson Infinity Paper. The box was specially designed by Marc T. and for Now UnlimiteD photography. The box is signed and titled by the author. Bespoke boxes of prints are available for sale by contacting us via email at

On ‘Corpus,’ Marc T says: “The Corpus series was created out of the idea to photograph a natural and not transformed female body. Technology and plastic surgery are constantly transforming the human body into an ideal mostly answering to an imposed perfection largely diffused by the images of the industry. Therefore, we alienate from our own body to create a different person that interrelates to the visions of the other. The natural body becomes a stranger to our own. We look at the body from a distant perspective.

There is a difference between naked and nude: being naked is being yourself, and nude is being seen by others as John Berger stated in Ways of Seeing in 1972.

With Corpus, and with nudes in general, I’m exploring the naked body as it is, searching for the pure lines and the natural forms of the body to become a nude. No make-up and no use of accessories are used leaving the skin and its eventual imperfections bare. Classical Renaissance paintings and sculptures inspire the models’ poses. The beauty of a nude is a non-sexualized image, leaving space for contemplation in its most untouched form. Photographing a nude is a pure aesthetic statement bringing us back to the essentials of natural beauty.

A more interesting aspect of the work is that the photographer’s preoccupation with natural textures creates an extremely captivating framework where form and shape interact in a dramatic manner.

The artist reckons that being in his studio is important to him. “It happens that I’m sitting in the middle of the studio just meditating on my ideas, being in the space and imagining the shoot to come. The studio is a kind of theatre, a place where we can build whatever imaginative world, small or large, minimalistic or sophisticated, complex lighting, or just using one single lamp. The studio offers great freedom to work and the possibility to control every step of the shoot.

I like preparing the studio, building the set, and placing the lights with my assistant. Together we discuss the complete set-up, and we make time to create something different every time. Ideas are constantly growing from shoot to shoot. The last shoot is often inspiring the one to come.

He was inspired by worldwide photographers such as Cecil Beaton, George Platt-Lynes, Horst P Horst, Francois Kollar, Ruth Bernhard, Robert Mapplethorpe, Peter Lindbergh, and Albert Watson, as he was strongly connected to their aesthetic approaches.

The ideas to start a project are inspired by classical arts and cinema and daily life. A few movies had a great impact on my work. I like to refer to Nostalgia by Andrey Tarkovsky (1982-83). The light, the composition of the frames, the placement of the actors; it was all there in one flow, and I was literally blown away by the photographic beauty of the movie.

Today I use only digital cameras, sometimes with old analog lenses because of their specific colour aberration and a little touch of imperfection. The great thing about Nikon is that you can still use 40-year-old lenses in the new camera versions. I only use continuous light and almost never a flashlight. Continuous light once set I can move freely, and it has a strong cinematic feeling which I like to use in my photography.

I like to work closely with my team and with models. My assistant sets me free by taking over all the details of a shoot. This way I can concentrate completely on the model and work on poses and expressions. Before starting I discuss the shoot in all its details with the models often using mood boards or everything that can help to imagine creating the needed pose. The model becomes a still actress. A good collaboration between model and photographer is essential for the simple reason you never take a photograph alone.

The collector series is limited to a series of 10 boxes, while the limited edition series is limited to a series of 30 boxes.

Details about the box and photographs:
Box: made in 3mm hardboard covered with a black satin finish. The closure of the box is with a magnetic strip and inside there is a ribbon for lifting the photographs out.
Box format made to contain A3 prints (29,7×42 cm)

The photosize is 23×23 cm printed on a A3 photographique Rag.
Paper: Canson Infinity Rag Photographique A3 310g/m2
The photographs are numbered according to the box. The photographs from the Collector Series are numbered as follows:
C01/ C01, C01/02, C01/03…
C01 = Collector box 1
C01, C02, and C03 are the numbered photographs belonging to box 1.
C02 = Collector box 2
C02 / C02, C02 /C03 are the numbered photographs belonging to box 2.
For the limited edition series: LE1 / 01 until 10, LE2 / 11 until 20.

Collector series:
The collector series is limited to a maximum of 10 boxes containing 10 original signed and numbered photographs by the author.
Every box is certificated by the author and the prints are certificated by Canson Infinity papers.
The format of the collection is A3.
The price for the limited to-10 Collector Box Series is 2500€ per box.

Limited edition Box series:
The limited edition Box series is limited to a maximum of 30 boxes.
The numbering of the boxes continues: box 1 is numbered from 1 to 10, box 2 is numbered from 11 to 20
The photographs are signed and numbered by the author.
Price: 1500 € per box.
The delivery period is a maximum of 30 days after the bank transfer.

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