Bucharest-based photographer Adrian Luican has shared with CVLTARTES his latest series “Timeless Memories,” a collection of sensual and inspiring photographs seeking “to explore the enduring essence of a fleeting moment.”

For the Romanian artist, photography allows him the most fully truthful expression of his vision, sharing a powerful and evocative narrative with every image he takes. It has been our pleasure to follow his work for many years now. His attention to detail and his eye for light combine to create meditative projects that are both aesthetically impressive and inspiring.

The series, which is bathed in natural light, conveys both secrets and fears, but also the strength and beauty that can be found in personal growth. Whether it is intimate portraits or exquisite landscapes, his portfolio contains serene moments that inspire reflection, expressing a deep connection to the landscape while gently leading viewers inside a world of emotion.

He recently told us that his “artistic goals are to create timeless memories. As a photographer, I’m drawn towards nostalgic, candid, and sensual atmospheres.” Luican was influenced by the likes of Andre Josselin, Jean Pierrot, and Mihai Badoi in photography, but he also took inspiration from Edward Hopper‘s paintings, Roger Deakins‘ cinematography, and Andrei Tarkovsky.

Partnering with Roxana was an enriching experience. Her ability to capture vulnerability and sensitivity through her lens is truly remarkable, and I found our creative synergy to be deeply inspiring.

Adrian Luican

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Model: Roxana Zaharia
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