On a quiet street in Timisoara, Romania, CECART has restructured and renovated its attic into a modern gallery. With 150 square meters of space now available to artists, the project was undertaken to restore the old attic space to public use. In addition to providing a new venue for CECART‘s cultural events, Pod Gallery serves as a multipurpose space where artists can exhibit their works, run workshops, or hold other events.

With the solemnity of a citadel and the charm of traditional Romanian hues, warm monochromatic and minimalism are now the cornerstones of this gallery. The restoration was done with the preservation of architectural elements imposed by The Direction for Culture, Cults and National Cultural Heritage of Timis County, the building being a historical one, classified as a type A monument. The whole project and initiative was financed by the Timiș County Council.

By constructing modern forms within a historical structure, CECART aims to provide an inspiring experience for those working in, exhibiting, and visiting the gallery alike, showcasing an innovative perspective for every architectural style. Moreover, balance is something CECART strives for and has achieved with practiced ease. With its simple lines and wood-crafted finishes, the gallery is somewhat poetic in its design, contributing to the sense of tradition.

Pod Gallery is not just an exhibition space. It has a special vibe and energy. I can’t convince you with words. Please come, see, and feel. As you know, it is an edifice with a long, convoluted, fascinating, and, in some places, mysterious history. Something of the fascinating, slightly enigmatic atmosphere of the historians, people, and stories that inhabited it, has been perpetuated in the footprint of the Pod Gallery. This history seems to breathe, to reverberate in its new artistic destiny. It is a space with a special vibe, with an interior design that enhances the imagination and a distinct, artistically intimate atmosphere.

Liliana Laichici, CECART manager

The gallery’s inauguration occurred on October 25 with the Linda-Saskia Menczel exhibition ‘Opus 25‘. ‘Opus 25‘ marks an artistic career spanning the last quarter of a century, presenting sculptural works from several stages of creation and offers a glimpse into the thematic coherence of the sculptor, who devoted herself thematically to the privileged ontological status of humanity in the Judeo-Christian tradition and of the feeling of reverence before the cosmos. A visual interpretation of the artist’s themes can be seen as an answer to the three great questions of humanity: where we come from, who we are, and what our purpose is.

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Cover photo via Tion.ro