Through the years, visuals have become an important part of the live performance experience, creating the most memorable moments when accompanied by sound. Lights and projections can enhance the concert experience for the audience and provide the audience with a rich, vivid layer of visual storytelling.

With “Sound of Unirii,” Timisoara-based artist Petre Ionutescu and guest artists Cristian Vaduva and Marian Stefan have crafted a mesmerizing combination of audio and visuals, working together in unison to captivate the local audience. By staging a concert on one of the balconies of Bruk House in Timișoara, with exposure to Unirii Square, they proposed a unique show for Timișoara.

Through the use of modern technology, electronics, audio, and video projections on the building, the event has been transformed into a magnificent display of complexity. Each piece is an original composition, influenced by the specifics of the location as a source of inspiration.

In real-time, inspired by the sound of music and the vibration of the instruments, Marian Stefan laid an experimental painting on the canvas. In parallel, the sound of the concert was taken over and artistically processed by artist Cristian Vaduva, who presented it to the public in the form of an experimental, authentic video mapping.

Musically, the event attempted to connect two entirely different musical realms – classical trumpet and turntablism – through the interplay between natural trumpet sounds and electronic sounds. Visually, it was a spectacle of video mapping and painting experimentation. Together with the mastermind Petre Ionutescu, artists Cristian Vaduva, and Marian Stefan took you on a journey to another world.

Petre Ionutescu – Trumpet, Keyboards, Electronics, Harmonica, Pipe
Cristian Vaduva – Visuals & Video Edit
Marian Ștefan – Painter

Special Thanks:
Bogdan Racz – Sound Engineer & Live Recording
Mihai “Mtz” Neagoe – Mix & Master
Ovidiu Novac – Video Camera
Sorin Bogdan – Video Camera
Rafael Vasilcin – Drone
Mihaela Vetan – Project Manager
Octavian Mariutiu – Logistics Manager
Elizabeth Cron – Host
Lucian Oprea – Photos

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