Rebellion sells and so does sex, so why don’t mix these two for a greater impact; yeah, these photos are beautifully majestic, daring and provoking. Actually, do we ever get sick of seeing how well teens do rave culture?

I found myself staring at b.ela‘s (Isabela Garcia) kinky collection for almost two hours already, trying to capture the highlights of this project. Although I can’t boast that I know much about this photographer, I couldn’t help myself not to write anything about. I can’t even say what I do love the most; is it the reddish, diabolically look that produces a very strong effect and greatly increases contrast? Is the entire concept of riot? These photos totally call for youth, fearless fashion, unfulfilled fantasies or ideas from today’s bleeding edge. Quite a combo, I’d say!

All photo credits: b.ela

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