TV’s on. The cat is sleeping. Where am the artist in this equation? Well, after spending my day as lazy as I could, I decided to check my bookmarks to see what I saved lately. So, there it was; Travis Chantar, an artist specialized in photography, as well as a practiced painter, art director, stylist, and HMUA. A jack of all trade.

The series is titled Tribe and it’s a beautiful, majestic collection of body paint. Everything is inspirational about this photo shoot, it simply embraces the powerful impact of intimacy nowadays. More like a tabu subject, Travis reunites every human being for a colorful, both real and illusory scenario.

I intentionally avoid preemptive ideas for each session, and let personality, mood, and emotion inspire the design. Forcing this work into the subconscious allows personal connection to guide the process, and the results are beyond me and my imagination. I share a bond with every person I paint, and my tribe will continue to grow.

All photos credits: Travis Chantar

Follow his works on: Facebook | Instagram | Website 

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