Claudia Lepik is a jewelry artist who is intrigued by how to push boundaries in jewelry with scale and material.

Her specific interest is face and nose jewelry. Including more theatrical fashion inspiration in her works allows her to investigate the whole body and work with chosen materials being in dialogue with her body. Taking time for each piece is her way of communicating with her emotions and including her interest in fashion in her creations.

She loves her hands and lets them dictate almost the whole process from sketch to final piece. The primary material in her extensive scale works is brass, which is differently manipulated to create a nearly garment-like feel from afar. Still, you can see the stiffness of the metal close by.

Next to creating art and big scale pieces she is trying to find way of translating her art details into everyday jewelry.

Claudia is based in Tallinn, Estonia. She graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts Jewellery and Blacksmithing department in 2018 (BA) and won the Young Applied Arts Scholarship for her portfolio. She has participated in showrooms in Paris, exhibitions in Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, and the United States. Her first solo exhibition, “About Face,” was shown during NYCJW in 2019 at 92Y Cultural Center, where she previously stayed for her 1-month residency. She was chosen to be the 1st Contemporary Jewellery resident for Cluster Crafts in London in 2021.

All photos belong to Claudia Lepik.

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