Year: 2018

Cristian Crisbășan. Long Story Short #2

[:ro]Un interviu realizat de Marius Lupu. Te consider un punct de referință în fotografia românească. Cum s-a instalat virusul? Când a fost prima dată când fotografia ți-a dat fiori? Nu cred că este vorba de un virus. Sau mecanismul de instalare nu este acela al unui virus. Eu întotdeauna am […]

Despre Rare Gathering | Unusual Basement Exhibition #2

[:ro]Rare Gathering | Unusual Basement Exhibition a ajuns la o a doua parte, acolo unde se vor pune la un loc creațiile a peste 30 de artiști, deci peste 150 de print-uri, câte 5 cu selecția fiecărui creator în parte. Organizatorii evenimentului, Marius Lupu și Melania Spătaru, ne-au povestit, printre […]

artouching & DIGITAL:CANVAS prezintă: “Digital Roots?” de Adrian Oncu

[:ro]Digital Roots? este o expoziție de artă ce poartă amprenta lui Adrian Oncu, un artist care, ca mulți alții înaintea sa a pornit în acest carusel al întrebărilor asupra problemelor zilnice inspirat tocmai din propriul cotidian. Nimic nou, ai zice. Dar mai bine lasă, uite, eu zic să-ți deschizi simțurile […]

(Interview) Jonathan Bree: “Art is healthier when it is in the shadows”

You most likely know of Jonathan Bree from the catchy music video in which him and his dancers appear wearing masks and dancing awkwardly on a 60’s, ABBA-on-TV kind of background. Elsewhere, another popular collaboration is the cigarette duet with Princess Chelsea, a sample of hippie nostalgia and probably a […]

Get High Watching Nic Cage Slashing Religious Freaks in ‘Mandy’ (2018)

The return of ’80s cult classic horror is upon us with this Panos Cosmatos‘ original, gorgeous depiction of an improbable love-gore story in a most unlikely setting ever chosen. Hated by some, worshipped by some, Mandy (2018) is what Only Lovers Left Alive would have looked like if directed by Tarantino. […]

The American Dream – Text and Photos by Mihaela Andreea Andrei

[:en] Romanians have always been fascinated by the land of promise aka America. It seems that in the 1900’s Romanians help building the ultimate skyscrapers in USA like The Empire State Building. After the 9/11 The Empire State Building remained a landmark of NYC and Manhattan. I always dreamed of […]

Lucky Girls Are The Ones Caught on Film Smiling – Eliot Michl

Eliot Michl is an American poet and visual artist born and raised in Northern Missouri, with a keen passion for epistolary communication. But more than anything, she is a traveler who filters her real-life experiences through the complex, yet so near at hand funnel of poetry and film. A habit […]

Alexandru Moga: From Viking Age to Voodoo Spirits

[:en] I’m following this dark, viking-like series for like the first time it actually appeared, waiting for the opportune moment to write something. There is a saying that tells that art is music for the eyes, and for good reason I can only think about Heilung’s music as a soundtrack […]

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