Though it sounds unbelievable, WIZARD MASTER’s genesis was a mysterious mutual dream experienced by Manosinistra and Manodestra, two musicians involved in different styles of music, ranging from metal and punk to folk. Despite being present on the Italian scene for long, they had never played together until fate intervened.

One night in 2019, Manosinistra was visited by a powerful hooded figure instructing him to form a band and play music that would please him (H). Astonishingly, on the same day, Manosinistra came across Manodestra’s Facebook post inquiring about a bandmate to create doom music with ‘70s influences. Without hesitation, Manosinistra responded to the post, and the next day they found themselves in the rehearsal room and eventually formed WIZARD MASTER.

What they soon discovered left them in awe – Manodestra had also dreamt of the same encounter and had placed the ad for a similar reason. In just a few hours, WIZARD MASTER had their first song, ‘Children of the Night,’ which would become part of their 2021’s debut EP, “Abracadoom.” The song is the tale of this incredible coincidence of their meeting.

Since then, WIZARD MASTER has been unstoppable, recruiting new members and producing music at regular intervals while also taking care of the recording, mixing, cover art, and promotions of their releases entirely on their own.

“Ablanathanalba,” the upcoming second album, is the natural evolution of the previous album. With more bluesy, dark, and psychedelic numbers, this record explores uncharted territories for the band and reflects their accumulated experience in songwriting and recording techniques.

Thematically, “Ablanathanalba” tells the story of the current times we live in, where nothing is true anymore, and everything is ephemeral and the opposite of itself. The album delves deep into this madness and emerges with a new perspective, making it a powerful commentary on the world we live in today.

We are proud to announce the release of the first single from this upcoming album, ‘Hell Riders,’ which is a genuinely heavy doom anthem that opens up inside the listener like a void where all hope is lost.

Known for their high-octane steamrollers propelled by supersonic riffs, banging grooves, and thunderous vocals, the Rome-based trio is one of the foremost acts on the Italian stoner rock scene. You will find that ‘Hell Riders’ hits your ears head-on with no mercy, so don’t miss out on this infectiously fun 8-minute tune.

It is evident throughout the entire song that the melding of low, slightly fuzzy, groovy guitar and bass tones, loose, groovy drum rhythms, and raw, powerful vocals with perfect clarity are delivered effectively and consistently.

About ‘Hell Riders,’ the band declares: “It contains all the sense of bewilderment, confusion, and contradiction of the album. The narrative voice speaks to a stunned and disillusioned listener who is now prey to the sick society that wants to control him, cannibalize him.

Being a victim of mental illness, he takes refuge in estrangement as a last resort in order to survive. Wandering aimlessly in his inner self, he understands how weak he is but also how free he is, a Hell Rider… Recognizing his own nature, he discovers the cyclicality of reality — birth, life, suffering, happiness, and death — and manages to make sense of all this madness, thanks to this new awareness.”

With “Ablanathanalba,” the great and powerful Wizard Master has just begun to move his legions across the earth.

“Ablanathanalba” will be available on:

250x Black Vinyl
200x Light Transparent Vinyl
50x Ultra LTD “Ghost Edition”

Producer, Mix Engineer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards: Livio (Manosinistra] Cosentini
Studio Personnel, Vocals, Quitar, Drums: Alessandro (Manodestra) Nanni
Studio Personnel, Guitar: Francesco (GanjalfI) D’Appio
Lyrics Composer: Livio (Manasinistra] Cosentini
Music Composers: Livio (Manasinistra) Cosentini and Alessandro (Manodestra) Nanni
Mix, Mastering and Magic: Emiliano Ciardulli – recorded at the Wizard Dungeon

Pre-orders start at 18:00 CET, 18 May, here.

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