Norwegian experimental duo MAGNIFY THE SOUND releases their debut album titled “Don’t Give Us That Face” today on Crispin Glover Records. To celebrate, the duo reveals a new track from the album.

They have been performing their unique sound since 2010. The band consists of two renowned musicians who join forces in an improvised interplay between guitar, drums, and electronics.

Trond Engum, one of the founding members of the legendary The 3rd and The Mortal, and The Soundbyte, brings with him his expertise in guitar and electronics.

Carl Haakon Waadeland contributes with his signature style of playing, which evolved over several decades of developing his drumming expression in numerous different musical constellations.

The album “Don’t Give Us That Face” captures the essence of this constellation. The result is a unique blend of improvisation and composition, creating a truly unique, captivating musical experience.

Trond Engum´s unique guitar signature demonstrates seamless transitions from high-energy metal riffs to melodic, mellow, and melancholic passages. With roots in the early 90s Norwegian metal scene, Trond’s guitar playing brings powerful energy to the music.

In contrast, the incorporation of unrecognizable guitar sounds and live electronics elevates the overall musical expression in new and intriguing ways.

Waadeland´s performance on drums and percussion is a novel mixture of quasi-grooves, experimental improvisation, powerful rock aesthetics, whispering percussive statements, and thematic elements inherited from a tradition of old Norwegian folk drumming. 

These musical expressions take you on a journey through a variety of sound “scenes” that are sure to leave you mesmerized. Whether you’re looking for high energy or a more contemplative atmosphere, the music seamlessly shifts between different textures and ranges from the moving to the barely vibrating – from open landscapes to condensed energy.

You can pre-order the album here.

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