SPIRITUAL FRONT are now revealing the video clip ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’, which is also the first single taken from the Italian suicide pop instigators’ forthcoming THE SMITHS tribute album “The Queen Is Not Dead,” which is slated for release on July 21, 2023.

SPIRITUAL FRONT comment: “It wasn’t easy to choose the right song for our first single from ‘The Queen is Not Dead’ as each song represents something special and unique, but ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’ is undoubtedly one of the most captivating and recognizable: the initial riff is already history after the first two seconds, the rhythm section is pressing, and the unmistakable voice of Morrissey together with the fascinating textures of guitarist Johnny Marr make this piece legendary,” Simone Salvatori writes.

“We also chose it because we were lucky enough to have friends who shared this tribute with us, such as Durga McBroom (vocalist for Pink Floyd, Steve Hackett, and Billy Idol), Jairo Zavala (from Calexico and DePedro) and TJ Cowgill (aka King Dude). But, at the same time, we skipped the idea of making a classic ‘devotional’ video clip, and that’s why we chose again to work with one of our favorite performers named Mr. Aldino in order to create something involving but unsettling at the same time. Yes, to a homage, but no to cloning. That was the deal.”

“The Queen Is Not Dead” is not your average SPIRITUAL FRONT album. Still, then again, nothing about the Italian suicidal pop outfit has ever been lukewarm or middle-of-the-road anyway. In fact, the eighth studio full-length from the Romans is “a homage to Morrissey’s and Johnny Marr’s legendary hymns of unquestionable beauty,” according to Simone Salvatori. The band’s founder and frontman claims THE SMITHS as a major musical inspiration for every member of SPIRITUAL FRONT.

With THE SMITHS carved so deeply into the Romans’ collective heart that they had played full shows featuring the English rockers’ classic hymns in recent years, it was only a short step to record a full tribute album when taking a break from touring. SPIRITUAL FRONT went about their task with the explicit aim to pay a respectful homage yet, at the same time to stay away from cloning. Across the album’s fifteen tracks, which many consider sacred, the Italians stayed true to the original recordings while pulling those songs closer to the sonic world of SPIRITUAL FRONT, for example, by adding strings and horn parts.

Salvatori and his fellow band members, guitarist Francesco Conte and Andrea Freda on drums, are joined by bass player Daniele Raggi, a string sextet, and a horn player, as well as a  plethora of contributions by friends, among others including vocalist Durga McBroom (PINK FLOYD, BLUE PEARL), Riccardo Galati, Filippo Marcheggiani (BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO), Michal Stepien (MGŁA), Jairo Zavala (CALEXICO), King Dude, Traci Danielle (MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT), Riccardo Spilli (IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO) and Sasha Boole (ME AND THAT MAN).

Formed in 1999 as the solo project of Salvatori, SPIRITUAL FRONT have since released numerous full-length albums, singles, EPs, and collaborations. The Italians describe their sound as “catchy ballads for heartbreaker nihilist youth.” While the band started out in an experimental dark neofolk context, they quickly added elements of neoclassic, rock, melancholic folk, and, notably also, tango. Their transformed sound has led to comparisons with NICK CAVE, SWANS, and SCOTT WALKER, while the terms ‘nihilistic suicide pop’ or just ‘suicide pop’ have also become established.

Lyrically, SPIRITUAL FRONT have dealt with themes such as searching for self-identity, sexuality, harsh realities, and angry break-ups, which are often tinted with sarcasm, nihilism, and a biting sense of humor. Furthermore, the Italians have collaborated with renowned artists such as LYDIA LUNCH, ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, and many others while also contributing to the soundtracks of the TV series “Las Vegas” and the motion picture “Saw 2” as well as further independent films, theatre productions, and modern ballet.

SPIRITUAL FRONT are paying a heartfelt tribute to the artists who have accidentally composed the soundtrack of their lives, forever bonding their greatest emotions to notes and words. This is what THE SMITHS have been to the Romans; now, they let the world share in their deepest musical love.

On further news, parallel to the release of “The Queen Is Not Dead” on July 21, 2023, SPIRITUAL FRONT will release reissues of their fourth album, “Rotten Roma Casino.” For the first time ever, it will be available on vinyl as a gatefold LP in various colors and as a 48-page hardcover 2CD/DVD art book, including a full-length bonus CD, enhanced artwork, and photography.


Strings recorded at Studio 111 Cerveteri
Drums and bass recorded by Igor Pardini at Cubo Rosso Recording Studio, Rome
Acoustic guitars recorded by Mauro Munzi at The Shelter Room
Electric guitarspianopercussionvocals & backing vocals recorded by Francesco Conte at The Shelter Room, Rome
Mixed by Steve Lyon at The Panic Button Studios, London
Mastered by Gianni Vallino at Karibu Mastering Studio, Ala di Stura, Tuscany

Cover painting by Riccardo Beson
Graphics & layout by Marco Soellner

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