About two weeks ago, alternative rock band THE CASE – the project of Alfred Ciprian Paroș, Adrian Istodorescu, Cristian Paroș, and Mihai Bele – released a new single, ‘Throne.’

‘Throne’ suggests meditation and a reflection on personal life; thus, referring to how we perceive the different stages of life and the attitude with which we relate in relationships with those surrounding us. These aspects are seen through various vices, which can act as an emotional outlet and refuge.

‘Throne’ follows the well-acclaimed singles ‘Dark Places’ and ‘Gasoline,’ as well as excellent live performances at Electric Castle, Snowfest, Best Fest, Made in Tm, or PadinaFest. Now the band is ready to share a collection of songs, with ‘Throne’ being the first of a series of three-songs collaboration with Italian producer Enrico Tiberi.

Joining the inspirational dots between alternative rock, indie, and garage rock swagger since their debut in 2012, their discography – “The Case EP” (2014) and “Own The Night” (2017) – features a captivating set of twisted and vibrant yet reflective themes sprinkles with a compelling melodic touch that permeates all through their tracks.

Listening to THE CASE repeatedly makes me think everything must have been done with great care, from vocals to lyrics and production. Too often, the band explores ideas and ideologies we as a society put on a pedestal, infusing each track with poignant melodic propulsion imbued with solid guitars and dreamlike melancholy. This leads us to their collaboration with Enrico Tiberi.

The Italian music producer and mixing engineer based in Berlin has studied with Tchad Blake (Arctic Monkeys, The Kills, Black Keys, Peter Gabriel), produced for Sony, Universal, and Warners, and worked with Modern Sky China. He reckons to assist musicians from songwriting to mastering often.

In addition, Enrico Tiberi loves working on “everything that has a soul and getting inspired by many genres. I’m a classic piano player who studied classical Spanish guitar also and started playing and singing in extreme metal bands. Today I’m playing progressive rock and electronica, some techno, and IDM.” He describes his style as “Soulful—fat sounding, gritty in intentions but clean and loud. I love when music sounds organic. Also on electronica.

Stay tuned to hear the following two songs by THE CASE in collaboration with Enrico Tiberi.

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Photo: (c) Petru Cojocaru

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