Andrei Stan: ‘Living in Romania is challenging but also satisfying.’

Andrei Stan has become one of my favorite artists, discovering him from an old friend and Cultartes contributor. His style caught my eyes and in no time I found myself clicking on each one of his published works and exploring his world. He creates atmospheric, surreal animations that are somehow […]

Lucian Harbădă’s Recent Collages Form a Window Into Other Worlds

Once you open the door to Lucian Harbădă‘s imaginary world, it’s very difficult to turn back. He recently published a series of new collages that continue to offer a new and unusual perspective on life and reality. Whilst his past works seemed to be surrounded by the vast emptiness of […]

Andrei Stan’s Brain-Spinning Imaginary World

Andrei Stan is a visual artist and musician whose imaginary world is simply brain-spinning and it can create a specific obsession the more you look at it. I found about the Romanian artist from a friend of mine, who was just as amazed as I was when I first visited […]

Retro-Synth Photo-Collages by Antonis Tsarouchas

Antonis Tsarouchas is a Greek visual artist currently based in Germany. Combining photo-manipulations and mixed-media with the tumultuous imagery of urban lifestyle, the artist does a great job at capturing the past-years’ TV fever on film and Polaroid. Antonis’ style can be located in between the ‘80s retro, synth extravaganza […]

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