Antonis Tsarouchas is a Greek visual artist currently based in Germany. Combining photo-manipulations and mixed-media with the tumultuous imagery of urban lifestyle, the artist does a great job at capturing the past-years’ TV fever on film and Polaroid.


Antonis’ style can be located in between the ‘80s retro, synth extravaganza and ‘90s childhood-family photos well-known to millenials. The photographer’s hazy, seemingly drugs-filled night-life is unexpectedly complemented by the intimacy and the warmth of his own home.

More than capturing dark alleys and sunny beaches, Antonis is a very enthusiastic collage artist, which he experiments on his on photography. Is more like a recycling kind of system – capturing televised images on camera, then using these pictures for his collages. There’s a huge chance that you’ll see the same picture, agan and again, in endless postures and angles.

“When everything else fails, you can always whip the horse’s eyes”, he says, referring directly to one of his latest pieces – Agora (first photo).

All Photo Credits: Antonis Tsarouchas

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Romanian writer based in Cyprus. Co-founder CVLTARTES. Author of "Hailbringer: A Romanian Folktale"