Karina Fomin is a photographer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her analog portraits are bits of a journey of self-discovery and liberty. Her models are caught in the privacy of their bedrooms, ivertebrate and libertine.

Sealed in a pompous package of idealistic appearance, Karina’s artworks are merely attempts of bringing to surface hidden, meaningful features that make oneself recognizable in the vast ocean of personalities out there. Aware of the fact that perfection is just a fantasy, her pursuit of reaching IT is like an unfulfilling drug that weakens and keeps its claws deeply stuck in you.

“I’m looking for the perfect beauty”, the artist says. “I am not familiar with the photographed person, not knowing her inner world. I admire her beauty, creating the perfect image in my head, very far from the real person, close-here in my lens at the same time. It’s a quest for an ideal, that doesn’t really exist. After all, the world is not perfect. So we are. But I can’t give up on my illusions. I love them so much, though I feel their impotence and fragility”

Photo Credits: Karina Fomin

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