Kadebostany is taking the world by storm with his much anticipated fourth album, “Play This at My Funerals.” His songs cumulate over 1 billion streams on YouTube, and over 2 billion on TikTok, dominating the charts in more than 30 countries, establishing himself as one of the most iconic producers and composers of future pop of the decade. Since his third album, longtime listeners and newbies alike longed for something new; and as expected, Kadebostany delivered everything our keen dreams are made of.

For Guillaume de Kadebostany, creating the album was a profoundly personal experience recorded over a few years in Lausanne, Kyiv, Istanbul, Athens, and Paris. While the 12-track album “Play This at My Funerals” maintains the techno-pop-dreamy sounds that topped him on the charts, the album sees a personal take more than ever. In fact, the record represents a selection of tracks that Kadebostany would like to be played at his own funeral. It goes without saying that each track has an unwavering undertone of melancholy that makes the album undeniably addictive – and not just sonically, but poetically too.

As you may know, listening to Kadebostany has always been a cerebral experience, creating music that you can feel in your body and sounds that use every one of your senses to enthrall you.

The album clocks in under 35 minutes in length, featuring unexpected and exciting collaborations, such as Greece-based art-pop artist Vassilina, French singer Angie Robba, Turkish singer and trumpet player Baris Demirel, Italian new sensation Serepocaiontas, and Romanian singer Valeria Stoica.

Without surprise, “Play This at My Funerals” leaves you wrung out and hypnotized as certain drugs do. From the start, the opener, ‘Eulogy,’ serves as a breath of fresh air, yet it has the quality of a memory, something you would think of with deep emotion. The track, in particular, has a heart-wrenching quality that makes you want to cry joyfully at its beauty.

Few artists can play with the emotions of their listeners as Kadebostany can. And the best thing about this record is that even though it’s driven by beautiful lyrics you get caught up in, the sound, the instrumentals, and the vocals did not take a backseat. The electro-folk anthem ‘Lovelace,’ the timeless and sophisticated ‘Wild in Secret’ or the touching ‘Tears are Salted,’ “Play This at My Funerals” is a testament to Kadebostany’s talent for creating music that is both appealing and challenging.

Moreover, between the heavily emotional ‘Eulogy’ to the melancholic yet dreamy ‘Take Me to the Moon,’ the incredibly gifted artist created a beautifully crafted, cohesive body of work that leaves listeners speechless. It feels like there’s a song for everyone to connect with in one way or another. Overall, “Play This at My Funeral” is a triumphant album that solidifies Kadebostany’s place as one of the most creative artists in music today. The album presents him as a musical chameleon that can seamlessly adapt to various genres. And as with any of his releases, peeling back the layers of the lyrical content reveals a multidimensional depth – this album is no exception- the poetic storytelling abilities shining through in every regard.

Just in! Kadebostany will perform a special DJ set for the Champions League final at Yenikapı Square in Istanbul on the 9th of June. A crowd of 100’000 people is expected! Plus, the release of “Play this at My Funerals” will be supported by a first 50+ dates tour around Europe. A tour in the US and Asia is currently in the work.

First shows announced:

  • 09.06.2023 (DJ SET) Champions League Final at Yenikapı Square, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 24.06.2023 Quellrock Open Air, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
  • 17.07.2023 (DJ SET) Gloria Hotel, Antalya, Turkey
  • 27.07.2023 Estivale Open Air, Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland
  • 29.07.2023 Boheme Beach, Cesme, Turkey
  • 05.08.2023 Shéné in forest, Yerevan, Armenia
  • 12.08.2023 Rock Altitude, Le Locle, Switzerland
  • 19.08.2023 Lovestream Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 26.08.2023 Analogue Festival, Mioveni, Romania
  • 17.09.2023 Klein Phönix Park, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 30.09.2023 Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 04.10.2023 Kaufleuten, Zürich, Switzerland
  • 12.10.2023 Santeria, Milan, Italy
  • 18.10.2023 Gretchen, Berlin, Germany

Photos: (c) Sophie Brasey and Kate Bondarenko

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