Saint Stacy is the new project of versatile and gifted Swiss-based artist Kristina. As a singer, songwriter, and fashion artist, she crafts her own music and a distinct visual identity with a unique style. With a strong fashion background, she also runs her own fashion brand LA.PEAU.DE.PECHE.

She first captured audiences’ attention as the main vocalist of the pop/electro band Kadebostany from 2016 to 2020. With over 300 shows across 20 countries, she mesmerized crowds with her electrifying stage presence.

Her debut singles “Purple Vibe” and “Remind Me” were released in May, followed by “Warm Beginning of November” in June. The three singles perfectly showcase her modern flair for timeless sounds. She expertly finds the balance between intimacy and over-embellishment, giving the listener just enough of that classic indie pop feel, along with that technical skill and musical precision, without overstaying its welcome.

All tracks represent a flawless mix of indie, pop, and folk. Modern pop production enhances her roots, while the layered choir section amplifies Kristina’s sweet yet hypnotic presence behind the mic. With “Purple Vibe,” Saint Stacy‘s debut track is a vibrant indie pop anthem that mixes guitars and dynamic productions, surrounded by her divine and charismatic vocals. In fact, she intrigued her audience with an indie-pop soft sound that you just can’t get enough of. 

Remind Me” further trails you down memory lane. Catchy vocal hooks, distorted guitars, and energetic drums bond together seamlessly to form timeless melodies, magnified by her sublime voice. Elegant notes and brush-stroked drums form a dream-like foundation for the artist’s impressive vocal melodies and pensive lyrics to build on. Carefully crafted, it’s as if you can hear the smile that must’ve beaming across Kristina’s face while recording the track in the studio.

Her latest release, “Warm Beginning of November” highlights an infectious combination of gimmicky guitar riffs, driving drum beats, and dreamy synth melodies, perfectly complemented by her captivating and charming vocals. 

Whether you expect soulful vocals, catchy and smooth melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics, or elements of indie, pop, new wave, and folk – you will find them on these three tracks. Overall, Saint Stacy‘s latest songs are must-listen, not just for her fans. The releases are a testament to her immense talent, multifaceted artistry, and hard work over the course of her career.

Photos by Julien Palmilha

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