Melodic hardcore trailblazers BEING AS AN OCEAN have released their much-anticipated new album, “Death Can Wait.” In celebration of the release, the band has also shared an evocative music video for the album focus track ‘Gloom.’ 

‘Gloom‘ presents a raw and introspective look at the personal battles we all face. The track underscores the band’s signature blend of emotive storytelling and layered soundscapes, speaking to the resilience of the human spirit.

Speaking on the themes and inspiration for the new track, BEING AS AN OCEAN share: 

“Gloom is a song about recognizing our own personal demons and the character flaws that we all have. With self-awareness, we can begin to see when they pop up and poke their heads into our lives. We can fight back.

Each of us have different ‘monsters’ inside of us, but that also means with practice and growth, we each have different heroic qualities in us. These are the positive things that we must grow and foster out of necessity to fight our own personal mental battles.

We then take those strengths and bring them into the physical world as forces of change for good. The song is an encouragement to anyone who is struggling with an internal battle.

As long as you continue to fight and persevere, with grace, acceptance, and love for yourself, you will grow more than you could have ever imagined. We can slay or at least tame the monsters in us.”

Combined with the 6 new tracks released, “Death Can Wait” is another extremely personal set of songs loaded with pure emotion that continues the band’s legacy of crafting deep, introspective music that speaks to the soul and offers a profound and introspective journey through the band’s latest musical explorations.

The album is now available worldwide here.

BEING AS AN OCEAN have just begun a European and UK tour with Currents on their ‘The Death We Seek UK/EU Tour’ with Oceans Ate Alaska and Sentinels.

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Band photos: (c) Murry Deaves